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No idea what's going on; but when I tried hosting a server last night, two (randoms) were able to connect to it and hold stable. I am still unable to directly connect to the IP myself.
I did set it to both; it's confusing to me because all the port checkers I've tried say that 22000 is open. Alternate ports in server.xml is leading to the same issue. I have no problem connecting to other servers myself. I was able to receive an outbound connection when testing a minecraft server.
Quote from: Vortrex on September 13, 2022, 01:14:48 AMDid you get it working?

I'm having the same issue but allowing through firewall isn't fixing it.
My ports are shown as open when I use a port checker, I deleted the freeroam resource, and I'm able to connect through localhost; but trying to connect to my IP always results in a timeout.