Server Advertising Rules

Started by Vortrex, October 04, 2018, 11:23:13 AM

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This servers section is to advertise servers running on GTA Connected.

  • Advertisements for servers that are blocked from the server listing will not be allowed.
  • Only one message for each advertisement, and only one advertisement per server per week.
  • Advertisements must include at least one active and publicly available GTA Connected server.
  • If you have the same servers running on multiple games, please combine their info into one advertisement.
  • Links to websites, discord servers, and videos are allowed
  • Images are allowed but they must pertain to the advertised server in some way
  • Please do not mark your server ad with things like "trusted" or "official" unless the GTA Connected team has verified and confirmed it as such.

Please make sure to read and follow these rules carefully, any message that breaks them will be deleted without warning