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Spam Rules

Started by Vortrex, September 18, 2017, 06:17:07 PM

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The rules for the spam sections and channels of the forum/discord are a little different then the rest.

Pretty much anything is allowed, with a couple of exceptions:

No piracy ... Do not talk, hint, or provide resources for anything illegal. We don't want government surveillance agencies crawling down our backs. Plus, you should always support the source of whatever it is you have. They worked hard on their stuff.

No adult content ... I understand GTA is a very adult-themed universe, however there are minors who use this forum and the discord server and so for the respect of morality (and legality), keep your weird fetish(s) and porn stash away from this forum (and the discord spam/botspam channel).

Other than that, troll and spam till your fingers fall off.