[JS] Gamemode for fun time in missions

Started by AlexSavr, February 11, 2024, 07:58:41 PM

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A simple gamemode for playing with friends in missions. Basic on GTA:SA, but if u change spawn coords, weapons, veh, skins and mission list - u can play other versions. I planned in future make this (if our game with friends comes to this  ;D )

- Save account and load after connecting
- Starting missions
- Set hp, armour, money, time, wanted level, giving weapons
- Create vehicle by id


P.S. I put full server because i use modules, and maybe for some this will be a problem. But now you can download and play :)


Good work!

BTW, providing the modules is okay since they will work on any future versions of GTAC, but the server is updated fairly often so they probably  shouldn't package that with your script since it'll be out of date soon.