Server: Disconnected (TIMEOUT)

Started by Jarmooosheq, January 28, 2024, 12:18:41 AM

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Hello, can you give my any advice:
I am trying to start a server on a Windows PC.
I can list it successfully. SERVER LISTING: Successfully added server.
I can see the server in the GTA Connected client, But I can't see the metadata in the client for my server,(Key, version, Owner, Website)
I can select it and the connection will starts, game start, but it won't connect, The message is: Connecting to (my public IP adress:22000) Disconnected (TIMEOUT)

Any suggestions please? 


I solved the problem. I used another Win 10 machine that had a static IP address. I also have my computer open for remote desktop control. I did not check whether it is necessary to have the computer enabled for remote control. Anyway, the server is already functional and it is possible to connect to it.