Why cant i make blip? | JS

Started by MediumStare, May 08, 2023, 08:22:50 AM

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So i just wanna make a blip i can have on the minimap (also remove it later on such as when a player goes into a interior) Only problem code doesnt wanna work.
bindEventHandler("OnResourceStart", thisResource, (event,resource) => {
var model = parseInt();
var romancar = gta.createVehicle(-1932515764,[810.32275390625,-266.7314147949219,14.848393440246582]);

I tried using this
gta.createBlip(27,[815.8858032226562,-274.563232421875,14.757908821105957],2,0);that didnt work also tried the hexadecimal number but to no avail.
also tried putting the last 2 digits on a array didnt work.
Original code as on forum:
Blip gta.createBlip(int icon, Vec3 position, [ int size = 2, int colour = 0 ])I feel like i just missed a small thing i just dont know what.
i dont get any errors printed in the console but at same time i dont get any blips at the same time.


Sorry for late reply, I don't check the forums as much as I should.

The gta.createBlip isn't available on GTA IV yet. The only elements usable with GTAC's element scripting API are vehicles and peds (including player peds).

You may need to use a native to create the blip for now.