Asshat Gaming Roleplay

Started by Vortrex, July 13, 2022, 07:44:55 AM

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The official roleplay server of GTA Connected!

QuoteServer Information
Add the servers to your favourites list for easy connecting!

  • Available for all games supported by GTAC (IV is closed beta atm)
  • Public jobs
  • Clans with custom ranks, permissions, pay, titles, and more
  • Custom inventory system where everything is an item. Food, weapons, devices, etc
  • All items can be dropped, given, used, picked up, or stored in certain places
  • Drugs with incoming damage reduction
  • Ownable vehicles/houses/businesses, and more
  • Stock your business with any items you want, and set custom prices
  • No hard cap to how many things you can own
  • Discord echo for chat and events
  • Security features like 2FA, alerts for login attempts, and more
  • Animations and ped speech functions for extra RP goodness
  • Community-provided translations for GUI and server messages
  • Auto translator for chat (optional)
  • Double paychecks on the weekends!
  • Too many other things to list here