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[VU]Vice Underdogs

Started by Tobi0, April 09, 2018, 02:18:54 AM

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Homepage:">  Vice Underdogs

Country: International

Clan tags: [VU], [VU_R], [VU_T]

IRC Channel: #VU on LUNet

History: The Vice Underdog clan has been running since late 2008. We were founded under the principles of hating the principles of all the major gangs around from 2007-2008. We were against the inactive leadership, the fact that no clan had clan wars and most of all the elitism. We opened our doors to everyone, being the first gang in VC:MP to introduce two training ranks, and then trained those whom others had deemed 'no-hopers' into some of the strongest members of the community. We are now the largest and most active clan in VC:MP, and encompass not only DMers but roleplayers and scripters.

Vice Underdogs are known for organising the most popular and successful events in VC:MP. Here is a run down of what we have done:
    Vice City Dueling Championship, 2009

    Vice City Ladder, 2009

    Vice City Dueling Championship, 2010

    Vice City Ladder, 2010

    Vice City Clan Tournament, 2010

    Vice War 1, June 2011

    Vice War 2, August 2011

    Vice War 3, August 2013

    Vice War IV, August 2014

    VCDC Season 4, August 2015

    Vice War V, December 2015

    Vice War VI, December 2016

    VCDC Season 5, July 2017












 Nelson / Deadmau5

 Dr. Shawn



















 Sammael / Sachiko



























Nicknames in red show the active members.

Total Vice Underdogs Members] 33

Total Vice Underdogs Rookies] 7

Total Vice Underdogs Trainees] 13

Total Vice Underdogs ] 53

Total Active Vice Underdogs ] 49


I try to call others members here let's see if they try out this mod.


Awesome dude!