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Started by Diego, June 05, 2022, 02:11:16 AM

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Argonath RPG is coming to GTA Connected
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IP Address: Announced on June 28th

Hey, everyone!

We just want to thank the players of Argonath and GTA:C for tagging along on our III:MP journey. It's been great having you guys alongside, and we appreciate your patience as we work on the III:MP server.

We still have some ways to go. Don't get me wrong. However, we've turned a corner and we're really making progress.

On the 28th, we'll be releasing III:MP's Open Beta Phase 1! This means we'll be opening up the server to the players to come to see what we've got so far, and how it's all coming along! After all, we're a community. Makes sense to bring you guys along for the ride. We also feel that y'all can help us with more relevant feedback by playing the server and experiencing the scripts for yourself.

We've got plenty in the works. Web panel's in the works, and yes, you'll get access to it too as part of the open beta! We're getting ideas and structure for factions ready, we're evaluating how various things will work, and of course, by releasing this open beta, we'll get an idea of what you guys think as well. UI integrations are also in the works, this is a client-side thing we're waiting on, but it's getting there.

We appreciate the patience y'all have shown, and thank you for coming along on this ride with us, we look forward to having you guys on board.



Argonath RPG III:MP
III:MP Development Updates - Phase 2 Development

Hey, everyone!

We just want to thank the players of Argonath for tagging along on our III:MP journey. It's been great having you guys alongside, and we appreciate your patience as we work on the III:MP server.

It has been great to see the community as invested in III:MP as they have been, and we look forward to providing and doing more and more for this community. We have some more details and updates to provide on the direction the III:MP server will be taking as we bring Phase 1 to a close and begin the major work of Phase 2.

Phase 1 to come to a close

As the phase has now served its purpose with respect to bug fixes and a core, as well as having brought on the community as part of the server development, we now bring it to a close. The phase 1 server will remain live for you to experience and provide feedback. However, while certain bug fixes may be addressed and whatnot, there aren't many, if any, updates to come, so we ask that you don't expect any regular updates to the current server. All the work will now be targeted toward Phase 2. Given what this phase is set to contain, this will take time and is expected to be lengthier than Phase 1. We will be looking to release a product that functions properly, not a half-cocked release.

The Team

Aside from the team you know and love (<3) we've brought on a new addition to the dev team!

Mark Stevens - III:MP Manager
Luca - III:MP Manager

Diego Starm - III:MP Lead Developer
PerikiyoXD - III:MP Developer*

Mike Collin - III:MP Moderator

* Peri is a new developer for the Argonath III:MP server, welcome aboard!

Phase 2 Overhauls

Having evaluated our progress and our plans for the server, Phase 2 is set to be major. This will encompass major overhauls and new additions that are set to improve the gameplay experience on the server.
The planned overhauls include but are not limited to:

UI Overhauls
We plan to implement a new user interface system. This will make for a more pleasant interaction on the server. We also endeavour to move from commands to GUIs where possible. This is expected to take some time as we wait on the GTA: Connected team to implement new UI functionality.

Accounts and Character System
Instead of a system where you need to set your name in the GTA: Connected launcher, you simply register a single account on the server with a username, email address, and password.

After that, you may create characters on the character selection/creation screen. This allows players to switch between characters, such as those who may be on the cop side and just wish to play on the other side of the fence for an occasional change of pace. Or you might have a mafia character and another hard labour worker or respectable businessman.

The choice is yours!

It is also planned to have a password reset function via email and the ability to save your login details via a "Remember Me" option.

Jobs and Criminality
Obviously, players need something to do, some way to earn money! Jobs will continue to be developed and created in this phase, with legal and illegal elements for certain jobs. Criminality will have its own place as well, however, it also makes sense to embed it in legal occupations as well for greater immersion and more possibilities on the server.

Economy Development
Developing a manageable economy is important to ensure a balanced and decent roleplay experience. Business systems, commerce, markets and other financial opportunities will be looked into and developing a competitive market for players to partake in is part of what we look forward to implementing on Argonath III:MP.

Custom Mapping
GTA: Connected supports custom mapping. On Argonath, we have plans for some spectacular mapping that will modernize and add our touch to Liberty City while attempting to maintain the originality of GTA III. This includes looking at creating interiors, possibly buildings and carparks too to name a few examples, if possible.

Level and Progression Systems
Where's the fun in doing something if there isn't at least some gain and incentive? The idea is to implement levelling systems on the server and in various jobs and criminal elements on the server. By engaging, you'll effectively level up and eventually unlock new things, certain perks/benefits and get some reward for your hard work!

Achievement System
You should look to achieve certain things on Argonath too! Achievements are a nice little feature you can work towards, another accolade to add to the repertoire! We may look at small rewards for achievements as well.

External III:MP Developments
External developments such as the web panel will be continued, as well as other elements we have planned. Updates will be provided on external developments and elements of this nature as they become available.

All in all, we feel very optimistic and believe we have a lot to look forward to. The plans for the server give us the sense of direction for which we will be running Phase 2 and we will keep you guys posted as development happens. We appreciate the patience y'all have shown and we thank you for coming along on this ride with us.

Here's to Argonath RPG! ;)

Sincerely yours,
Luca & Mark Stevens
III:MP Management

Peri & Diego Starm
III:MP Development Team

Manager - Argonath RPG III:MP: Coming to GTA Connected.


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