Argonath RPG [GTAIII]

Started by Diego, June 05, 2022, 02:11:16 AM

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Argonath RPG is coming to GTA Connected
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IP Address: Announced on June 28th

Hey, everyone!

We just want to thank the players of Argonath and GTA:C for tagging along on our III:MP journey. It's been great having you guys alongside, and we appreciate your patience as we work on the III:MP server.

We still have some ways to go. Don't get me wrong. However, we've turned a corner and we're really making progress.

On the 28th, we'll be releasing III:MP's Open Beta Phase 1! This means we'll be opening up the server to the players to come to see what we've got so far, and how it's all coming along! After all, we're a community. Makes sense to bring you guys along for the ride. We also feel that y'all can help us with more relevant feedback by playing the server and experiencing the scripts for yourself.

We've got plenty in the works. Web panel's in the works, and yes, you'll get access to it too as part of the open beta! We're getting ideas and structure for factions ready, we're evaluating how various things will work, and of course, by releasing this open beta, we'll get an idea of what you guys think as well. UI integrations are also in the works, this is a client-side thing we're waiting on, but it's getting there.

We appreciate the patience y'all have shown, and thank you for coming along on this ride with us, we look forward to having you guys on board.