GTA IV Problem ASI Loader

Started by FujiWara, February 08, 2022, 08:41:15 AM

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(A translator was used when writing the text)

Hello everyone, I have a problem with Asi scripts, namely with their work on any of the GTA IV GTA Connected servers. I have replaced the transport in the game, because of this there was a problem with traffic, it all consists of taxis. To solve this problem, I installed the ASI Loader and the RIL.Budget script into the game, which solves this problem. When entering the game through the launcher on any of the servers, this script does not work and I have taxis everywhere. And if I go directly through the launch file PlayGTAIV.exe, then everything works, but the multiplayer does not work, since I did not go through GTA Connected. The same thing happens with Simple Native Trainer. Please help me solve this problem.

P.S In the launcher, PlayGTAIV.exe is selected as the launch file.


The only IV mod that GTAC officially supports is ZolikaMenu/ZMenu. Because of GTAC's anticheat, most other mods probably won't work, and any that manage to start may not work as intended.