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Started by Mex, April 08, 2018, 04:48:34 AM

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April 08, 2018, 04:48:34 AM Last Edit: January 01, 1970, 01:00:00 AM by Guest
This thread is a list of somewhat urgent stuff that needs fixing or adding to GTAC!

Feel free to add a post with ideas that urgently need implementing.


1) Server side .gameMode as a property for scripting.

3) Server side client.ip

4) Server side client.ping

5) Server side client.disconnect()

6) Increase chat message max length.

7) Update chat message history - swap message order.

8) Update chat message history - still work with latest messages when reached max message history limit.

9) Update chat message history - unlimited chat messages in history. - Jack said this would use too much memory.

12) Don't clear chat history after disconnected from server.

13) Verify ped]

14) Update sync matrix stuff, restoring couple things like reading packet matrix into object but not GTA's object.

17) Squirrel events.

24) Prevent same username being used in server.

36) Add server side .serverPassword property - Removed for security reasons, a setter is planned though.

37) Change some global properties to be namespaced]

38) Change chat input history size to double of 2, so 16 32 64 128 256 etc

40) Make name-in-use kicker a server setting

29) Make /reconnect also reconnect to last used server if not connected to a server - per game instance, no need to store data in files

34) Add .serverName property server-side

30) Decide on order of callback parameters for command handlers and event handlers for scripting. - Makes most logical sense leaving it as currently implemented.

22) Fix g to enter vehicle as passenger. Pending discussion regarding if it's needed

33) Chat box doesn't appear sometimes apparently

28) Sort out uncommitted function register code for Mex's build.

41) Sort out scripting functions - remove old version of functions, replace with new scripting system version - and uncomment several functions too

45) Sort out the several scripting functions named LuaFunction* in server using old scripting system

16) Support compiling all 4 VS projects in release mode - so that builds can be sent to certain people. Only Jack can do this task

20) Enable heli blades spinning for syncd vehicles.

42) Remove duplicatenames setting and code?

46) Sort out the 160 scripting functions named LuaFunction* in core using old scripting system - skipped as they are not related to GTA games

47) Don't interpolate pedals as they are only ever 0.0 or 1.0 - but still set the values at the correct time to be in sync with vehicle sync

25) Huge task - Split tons of code up into more files. - skipped

15) Move velocity interpolation code from Vehicle]Probably need a CPhysical::Process hook[/color]

10) Double click server in server browser to connect. Server browser doesn't open in debug mode

11) Server browser - it says connected when the game isn't started. Server browser doesn't open in debug mode


Immediate Priority


Urgent Priority

23) Sometimes vehicles can't be entered, happens for both driver or passenger.

27) Big task - Get the new wiki working.

31) Table and/or Array support for modules.

Very High Priority

26) Explosions happen multiple times when a vehicle explodes.

39) Autoscale the chat to the resolution - idea by Lyudmila

High Priority

2) Server logs are always empty, but they should get written to because the log path is set in the settings xml.

18) Remove internal sidewalk traffic that appears when spawning, whether connected to a server or not. Pending discussion regarding if it's needed

19) Sort out sync packet rates - server -> client, is inconsistent with, client -> server - 10ms server process rate will probably flood clients currently. Pending discussion regarding if it's needed

21) Sync aborting entering a vehicle. Skipped by Mex for now - probably need a CPed]

32) /connect can hang for a long time possibly unlimited time - possibly when server is restarting

35) Get all 4 VS projects compiled with VS 2017 instead of VS 2015 - mozilla or something is causing need for VS 2015. Only Jack can do this task

43) Sort out the 8 remaining scripting functions named LuaFunction* in client using old scripting system - movie functions

44) Add ability to send server-side ped objects as table to client-side with triggerNetworkEvent and then to use setWanderPath on those peds client-side