Need information about release dates

Started by ZX_Lost_Soul, July 31, 2021, 08:43:42 AM

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I think the site lacks information about release dates of updates.

I'm new here and when I went to the site I could not even understand the project is being developed or not in 2021.

There are version histories on the site, but there are no dates in it.

It is important for new users to see that the project is alive and development continues.


Hello, and welcome to GTA Connected!

GTA Connected is still actively updated. The dates are available on the discord in the #announcements channel. Jack always makes an announcement when an update is released. For the future, just know that we don't schedule regular updates. Instead we release when we feel we've added/fixed enough to justify one. It's just played by ear, so to speak. Sometimes we release within days (or less) of the last, sometimes several months for the really big updates.