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[GTA SA] Crash

Started by HoRiiZeN, June 23, 2021, 08:41:26 PM

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So I installed GTA Connected and tried to join a server, but the game crashed.

I tried disabling Modloader, removed Cleo, I even downloaded a fresh copy of GTASA but this didn't solve the problem. I looked up in GTA Connected files for a log and there i found something about access violation ( didn't understand what it means )and this code 0xC0000005, so I googled that up, but no one had  the same issue with GTA connected, I figure out somehow that the problem has something to do with the audio files I thought to myself maybe I need to download the original sounds of the game even though it's a bit heavy (3gb), cause I had no other choice. After I installed it, It worked like a charm!

I find it strange because this wasn't mentioned in the website or installation instructions, & both SAMP and MTA are working just fine on the ripped version of GTA SA (600mb).

I hope that GTA connected will support it too in the future.