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Next Client Version: 1.0.71

Next Server Version: 1.0.19



Added support for squirrel callbacks

Added support for   via addEventHandler

Added clipboard support. Can now paste (CTRL+V) in chatbox.

Added support for foreign characters in chat.





Fixed ped.walkTo and ped.runTo for Vice City

Fixed vehicle exit sync

Numpad enter key now submits chatbox message too

Improved Vehicle sync for passengers

Fixed crash for chatbox messages when not connected

Added /q to match /quit

Added chatbox message history for 128 items

Added server side property

Added server side property server.gameMode

Added server side property server.port

Added server side property server.maxClients

Added server side property client.ip

Added server side property

Added server side method client.disconnect()

Doubled max chat message length from 64 to 128

Chat input history preserved on disconnect

Made /reconnect also reconnect to last used server if not connected to a server

Added server-side setting duplicatenames defaulting to true to allow same player name in server

Added client-side getter/setter

Added client-side ped.pedType getter

Added client-side ped.setWanderPath(int)

Added client-side ped.isEnteringVehicle getter

Added client-side ped.isExitingVehicle getter

Added client-side ped.getObjective()

Added client-side ped.setObjective(int,[float,float,float])

Added client-side ped.removeBodyPart(int)

Added client-side vehicle.baseType getter

Added client-side vehicle.subType getter

Added client-side vehicle.colour1 getter/setter

Added client-side vehicle.colour2 getter/setter

Added client-side vehicle.colour3 getter/setter

Added client-side vehicle.colour4 getter/setter

Added client-side vehicle.getOccupant(int seat)

Added client-side ped.fuckU()

Added client-side ped.resurrect()

Added client-side ped.animGroup getter/setter

Added client-side game.loadDFF(int model, str path)

Added client-side game.loadTXD(str slotName, str path)

Added client-side game.getRubbishTexture(int slot)

Added client-side game.setRubbishTexture(int slot, str texture)

Added server-side entity.rotation getter/setter

Added server-side ped.isInVehicle getter

Added server-side ped.vehicle getter

Added server-side ped.warpIntoVehicle(vehicle, int seat)

Added server-side ped.enterVehicle(vehicle, driver)

Added server-side ped.exitVehicle()

Added server-side getter/setter

Added server-side ped.weapon getter/setter

Added server-side player.spawn(pos, model, [ interior ])

Added server-side blp.setMarkerEnabled(bool)

Added server-side blip.setColour(int)

Added server-side blip.setSize(int)

Added server-side pickup.setType(int)

Added server-side game.createCivilian(int model, int game)

Added server-side game.createPlayer(int model, int game)

Added server-side game.createObject(int model, int game)

Added server-side game.createBuilding(int model, int game)

Added server-side game.createPickup(int model, int game)

Added server-side game.createBlip(int icon/colour, int game)

Added client-side connect(host,port,pass)

Added client-side disconnect()

Temp fix for heli rotors sync

Added server-side SERVER_VERSION (excluding in JS for now as having difficulties coding that)

Added client-side CLIENT_VERSION (excluding in JS for now as having difficulties coding that)