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Official Discord!

Started by Vortrex, September 12, 2017, 02:28:58 AM

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Join our discord server for some friendly conversation, music, and a few beer emoji.
We also offer scripting help and support.

  Click here to join!

Discord Staff
  • Owner Jack Powell
  • Manager Rhytz
  • Manager Vortrex
  • Developer Mex
  • Developer PerikiyoXD
  • Moderator Callum
  • Moderator Hellraiser

Discord Rules
  • Don't send illegal content or discuss piracy
  • Don't spam, except in #spam and #botspam
  • No shit-talking or insulting other members.
  • Use English in main chats. For other languages, use the international channels
  • Don't advertise other multiplayer mods
  • Discord staff's word is final