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Liberty City Killers

Started by Waluta, February 19, 2020, 10:02:53 AM

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Liberty City Killers

One of the oldest existing international clans, found by Stoku and Zentrix in 2006 in GTA3:MTA.

In our history we were playing MTA:VC, Liberty Unleashed and some Counter Strike 1.6.

Earlier our goal was to be the strongest clan in deathmatching. We did it!

Now, after many years, we are like a family and not looking much at shooting skills, but at loyality and activity on our  Discord. Our members are mostly oldschool players from MTA 0.5 era. Also we've experienced some real life meetings and every member if needs help will get it.

And after a long break, we're back again. Not as a single player, but with a nice team. Of course, now we're older and our time for playing is very limited, but you can find us on LCS-DM or Basemode server, LW (Zentrix) or Cops&Robbers (Iceman as DT gang).

Our active team:

Iceman [PL]

JarzabPL [PL]

Mates [PL]


Satro [PL]

SirSer [PL]

Stoku [PL]

Stolidjarl44 [PL]

Vandi [PL]

Waluta [PL]

Xenon [PL]

Zentrix [PL]

Best regards, Liberty City Killers.\">


Awesome. Welcome to GTA Connected, LCK clan!