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[ADDED] Suggestions

Started by Kewun, August 21, 2019, 10:38:11 AM

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- vehicle.respawn() function

- vehicle blown up event

- on pickup picked up event

- vehicle.spawnPos to retrieve the default vehicle spawn position used by createVehicle and be able to set it again

- pickup.value ( because if you createPickup for example with colt 45 (id 172) and set its type to 1 (purchasable) then its worth $250. the pickup.value would change the value of the price )

- Add chat message limit ( because writing a huge ass message copy pasting downs the game fps to 10 when sent to server... )


Mex is working on some of these items at the moment, but I wanted to explain the chat message limit.

There was a recent update that split the networking into a new thread, so the FPS being dropped on large messages shouldn't be an issue now.

I don't think we're going to limit chat messages directly. Currently the chatbox will cause some vertical text overlap when a long message goes multi-line, but we'll fix that so it displays correctly. If a server wants to limit chat messages, they will need to use a slice/substr of the chat message in an OnPlayerChat scripting event. We'll also update the wiki with info on how many characters can fit on one line.