Grand Theft Auto IV Online Gameplay

Started by Malone, January 26, 2019, 09:35:40 AM

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Hello Team,

I'm asking some how Grand Theft Auto IV Online Gameplay how you think about it It's better than GTA V or what but I prefer GTA IV It's got amazing car driving and a nice big city.


made the best quality iv


IV was added in November 2020. Enjoy!


GTA:IV Rullz!!!
Best GTAs of them all

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Grand Theft Auto IV online will always be the best in my opinion for several reasons, 1st, You must gather your own weapons and armor on the street, Not like in GTA5 where you spawn with all your weapons. 2nd, the car handling is better and you can easily outrun the police if you have a decent car, not like in GTAV where the police will always catch up to you in their cruisers when you are in an Infernus. 3rd You do not get penalized for being a hostile player, IE shooting others in free mode, or blowing up their cars.