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Suggestions / Unique ID
May 22, 2018, 08:16:55 PM
A unique ID system of some kind.

The core engine name is "Galactic" ... Perhaps GalacticUID or something?

A new twist on GUID hehe.
General Chat / New Launcher!
May 04, 2018, 01:43:06 AM
The new launcher is almost ready! The server browser is now integrated (and pretty much the main part of the launcher now) plus a tab to select which mods you want enabled. Looking really good! There's no set release date but it's probably going to be this week. The staff team are gonna let testers have a go with it before releasing to the public, just to make sure it's running smoothly.

Also, this thing is gonna let you connect to servers by double clicking on it from the list.

So, do I have some screenshots? You bet I do! Here you go:

Totally awesome.
Scripting Releases / Re: [JS] Nametags
April 19, 2018, 04:23:56 AM
Update from Vortrex:

I know double posting sucks, but I wanted to include a tutorial on how to use a custom font for the nametags, for anybody who wants to customize their server with it. If you have connected to my test server, you might've seen the GTA logo font for the nametags. It's called Pricedown, and it's available">  here

The first thing you need, is a .TTF file for a font (search the web, there are tons of them). Upload the TTF file to your nametags resource directory of your server. Then, add this line to the resource's meta.xml:
<file src="FONTNAMEHERE.ttf" type="client" />Replace FONTNAMEHERE with your font's file name. Next, open client.js, and find this line:
font = lucasFont.createDefaultFont(16.0, "Arial", "Medium");
Replace it with these two lines:
fontFile = openFile("FONTNAMEHERE.ttf", false);
font = lucasFont.createFont(fontFile, 16.0);
Again, replace FONTNAMEHERE with your font's file name.

And there you go! Restart your nametag resource (or start it if it's turned off) and voila!
Scripting Help / Helpful Arrays
April 11, 2018, 09:41:12 AM
Weapon Names
["Fist", "Bat","Pistol","Uzi","Shotgun","AK47","M16","Sniper Rifle","Rocket Launcher","Flamethrower","Molotov","Grenade"]
GTA Vice City
["Fist", "Brass Knuckles", "Screwdriver", "Golf Club", "Nitestick", "Knife", "Baseball Bat", "Hammer", "Meat Cleaver", "Machete", "Katana", "Chainsaw", "Grenade", "Remote Grenade", "Teargas", "Molotov Cocktail", "Missile", "Colt .45", "Python", "Shotgun", "Spaz Shotgun", "Stubby Shotgun", "Tec-9", "Uzi", "Ingram", "MP5", "M4", "Ruger", "Sniper Rifle", "Laser Sniper", "RPG", "Flame Thrower", "M60", "Minigun"]
GTA San Andreas
["Fist", "Brass Knuckles", "Golf Club", "Nightstick", "Knife", "Baseball Bat", "Shovel", "Pool Cue", "Katana", "Chainsaw", "Purple Dildo", "Dildo", "Vibrator", "Silver Vibrator", "Flowers", "Cane", "Grenade", "Teargas", "Molotov Cocktail", "Unknown", "Unknown", "Unknown", "9mm", "Silenced 9mm", "Desert Eagle", "Shotgun", "Sawnoff Shotgun", "Combat Shotgun", "Uzi", "MP5", "AK-47", "M4", "Tec-9", "Country Rifle", "Sniper Rifle", "RPG", "HS Rocket", "Flamethrower", "Minigun", "Satchel Charge", "Detonator", "Spraycan", "Fire Extinguisher", "Camera", "Night Vision Goggles", "Thermal Goggles", "Parachute", "Cellphone", "Jetpack", "Skateboard"]
Weather Names
["Clear", "Overcast", "Thunderstorm", "Fog", "Clear", "Rainy", "Dark/Cloudy", "Light/Cloudy", "Overcast/Cloudy", "Grey/Cloudy"]
GTA Vice City
["Clear", "Overcast", "Thunderstorm", "Fog", "Clear", "Hurricane", "Dark/Cloudy", "Light/Cloudy", "Overcast/Cloudy", "Grey/Cloudy"]
GTA San Andreas
["Blue Skies", "Blue Skies", "Blue Skies", "Blue Skies", "Blue Skies", "Blue Skies", "Blue Skies", "Blue Skies", "Thunderstorm", "Cloudy/Foggy", "Clear Blue Skies", "Heatwave", "Dull/Colorless", "Dull/Colorless", "Dull/Colorless", "Dull/Colorless", "Dull/Rainy", "Heatwave", "Heatwave", "Sandstorm", "Greenish/Foggy"]

Disconnect Reasons
["Lost Connection","Disconnected","Unsupported Client","Unsupported Engine","Incorrect Password","Unsupported Executable","Disconnected","Banned","Failed","Invalid Name","Crashed"]

Game Names
["Invalid", "GTA III", "GTA Vice City", "GTA San Andreas", "GTA Underground", "GTA IV", "GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City"]

Skin Names
["Claude", "Police Officer", "SWAT Officer", "FBI Agent", "Army Soldier", "Paramedic", "Firefighter", "Wise Guy", "Taxi Driver", "Pimp", "Mafia Member", "Mafia Member", "Triad Member", "Triad Member", "Diablo Member", "Diablo Member", "Yakuza Member", "Yakuza Member", "Yardie Member", "Yardie Member", "Cartel Soldier", "Cartel Soldier", "Red Jacks Thug", "Purple Nines Thug", "Street Criminal", "Street Criminal", "Male Client", "Random Guy", "Vacationist", "Dj", "Young Woman", "Young Woman", "Business Woman", "Elder Woman", "Elder Woman", "Prostitute", "Prostitute", "Random Guy", "Diseased Man", "Deseased Woman", "Young Woman", "Old Man", "Random Guy", "Old Woman", "Old Woman", "Old Man", "Random Guy", "Old Woman", "Young Woman", "Docks Worker", "Docks Worker", "Male Street Bum", "Female Street Bum", "Delivery Guy", "Delivery Guy", "Business Man", "Marty Chonks", "Cia Agent", "Female Client", "Young Woman", "Business Woman", "Business Man", "Female Client", "Male Steward", "Female Steward", "Male Cocks Fan", "Male Cocks Fan", "Female Cocks Fan", "Male Paramedics Assistant", "Female Paramedics Assistant", "Construction Worker", "Construction Worker", "Zip Customer", "Party Woman", "Party Woman", "Male College Student", "Female College Student", "Old Man", "Female Jogger", "Asuka Kasen", "Spank Suicide Bomber", "Salvatore's Butler", "Catalina", "Lee Chong", "Colombian Cartel Member", "Colombian Cartel Member", "Colombian Cartel Member", "Colombian Cartel Member", "Police Officer", "Curly Bob", "Phil Cassidy", "Detective", "8-Ball", "8-Ball", "Salvatore Leone", "Mafia Member", "Joey Leone", "Joey Leone", "Bar Owner", "Kenji Kasen", "Mike Forelli", "Donald Love", "Donald Love", "Luigi Goterelli", "Maria Latore", "Mickey Hamfists", "Miguel", "Misty", "Old Oriental Gentleman", "Old Oriental Gentleman", "Old Oriental Gentleman", "Ray Machowski", "Mafia Member", "Ammu-Nation Clerk", "Tanner", "Toni Cipriani", "Darkel", "Chuff Security Officer", "Claude"];
GTA Vice City
["Tommy Vercetti", "Police Officer", "SWAT Officer", "FBI Agent", "Army Soldier", "Paramedic", "Fireman", "Golfer", "Random Lady", "Bum", "Greaser", "Random Guy", "Random Guy", "Random Lady", "Random Guy", "Random Guy", "Beach Girl", "Fat Beach Lady", "Beach Guy", "Fat Beach Guy", "Random Lady", "Random Lady", "Random Lady", "Prostitute", "Bum", "Bum", "Random Guy", "Taxi Driver", "Haitian", "Criminal", "Random Lady", "Random Lady", "Random Guy", "Random Guy", "Random Lady", "Random Lady", "Random Guy", "Beach Lady", "Beach Guy", "Beach Lady", "Beach Guy", "Random Guy", "Prostitute", "Bum", "Bum", "Random Guy", "Random Guy", "Punk", "Prostitute", "Random Old Lady", "Punk", "Random Guy", "Random Lady", "Random Lady", "Random Guy", "Random Guy", "Beach Lady", "Beach Guy", "Beach Lady", "Beach Guy", "Construction Worker", "Golfer", "Golfer", "Golfer", "Beach Lady", "Beach Guy", "Random Lady", "Random Guy", "Random Guy", "Prostitute", "Bum Lady", "Random Guy", "Taxi Driver", "Carjacker", "Random Woman", "Skater Guy", "Young Woman Shopper", "Old Women Shopper", "Tourist", "Tourist", "Cuban", "Cuban", "Haitian", "Haitian", "Shark", "Shark", "Diaz Guy", "Diaz Guy", "Security Guard", "Security Guard", "Biker", "Biker", "Vercetti Guy", "Vercetti Guy", "Undercover Cop", "Undercover Cop", "Undercover Cop", "Undercover Cop ", "Undercover Cop", "Undercover Cop", "Random Guy", "Bodyguard", "Prostitute", "Prostitute", "Love Fist Guy", "Ken Rosenburg", "Candy Suxx", "Hilary", "Love Fist", "Phil", "Rockstar Guy", "Sonny", "Lance", "Mercades", "Love Fist", "Alex Scrub", "Lance Vance", "Lance Vance", "Cpt. Cortez", "Love Fist", "Columbian", "Hilary", "Mercades", "Cam", "Cam", "Phil", "Phil", "Bodyguard", "Pizza Worker", "Taxi Driver", "Taxi Driver", "Sailor", "Sailor", "Sailor", "Chef", "Criminal", "French Guy", "Worker", "Hatian", "Waitress", "Forelli Member", "Forelli Member", "Forelli Member", "Columbian", "Random Guy", "Beach Guy", "Random Guy", "Random Guy", "Random Guy", "Drag Queen", "Diaz Traitor", "Random Guy", "Random Guy", "Stripper", "Stripper", "Stripper", "Store Clerk"]
Scripting Help / Supported Scripting Languages
April 09, 2018, 01:31:05 PM
In an effort to diversify the scripting capabilities of GTA Connected, we support the following scripting languages:

  • Squirrel
  • Lua
  • JavaScript
We may be adding more in the future, and this list will be updated when this happens.

With the reflection system, all support languages will have the same structure and function names. Each function/property only needs to be added once, and can be used across all supported languages. This can also be done via scripts with the reflection object.
Scripting Releases / [JS] Nametags
April 05, 2018, 11:09:37 AM
Hey everybody! Here's a simple release for you today ... nametags! GTA Connected has built in nametags but they're kind of ugly, so I decided to make better looking ones via a resource.

GitHub source:   inside the v-nametags folder.

How to Use:
  • Download the resource. Link is above
  • Unzip it, and place the "v-nametags" folder into the main resources folder of your server.
  • Add the resources you want to server.xml. More info for that  [url= the wiki.[/url]
  • Either start or restart your server. If it's already running, load the resource with /refresh then /start v-nametags
Clans / Re: 'The Lost And Damned' clan.
April 02, 2018, 09:00:34 PM
Awesome. GTA Connected's first clan!
General Chat / GTA IV Support
April 02, 2018, 12:40:55 AM
Jack and Lucas have been very busy lately.

It seems they've added basic support for GTA IV and EFLC!

It's not scriptable yet but after some testing it looks very promising.

Once it's more complete, we'll be adding both games to the supported games list. For now, stay tuned for updates!

Oh, and here's some screenshots:

Scripting Releases / [JS] Sandbox Scripts
December 11, 2017, 05:16:11 AM
These resources contain as many things as I could put into commands, to test the abilities of GTA Connected.

GitHub source:   inside the sandbox folder.

How to Use:
  • Download the resource. Link is above
  • Unzip it, and place the "sandbox" folder into the main resources folder of your server.
  • Add the resources you want to server.xml. More info for that  [url= the wiki.[/url]
  • Either start or restart your server. If it's already running, load the resource with /refresh then /start sandbox
Scripting Help / Wiki Structure
November 17, 2017, 02:31:20 AM
So, I've been asked a couple of times why things are listed several times in different sections and cross-linking to each other.

I am making this post to help people understand how the structure of functions work in GTA Connected.

Every scripting function in GTA Connected comes from a class. Some classes are inherited from others, such as player from ped or vehicle from entity. I will put a list below if you have an interest in looking at it.

A quick example: the player class inherits everything from the ped class. This means that all methods and properties in the ped class, are also in the player class. For example,   works on any ped, and thus also works on any player as well.

As for the list I mentioned, here it is:
- Engine
  - Element
     - Physical
        - Ped
           - Player
           - Civilian
        - Vehicle
           - Train
Each extra indentation marks a new level of inheritance. Train inherits from Vehicle, Vehicle inherits from Physical, Physical inherits from Element, etc. Since Ped and Vehicle are on the same level, they do not inherit from each other. They both get everything from their parent class, Physical, plus anything extra exclusive to their class and it's children.

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to leave a reply below!
Spam / Spam Rules
September 18, 2017, 06:17:07 PM
The rules for the spam sections and channels of the forum/discord are a little different then the rest.

Pretty much anything is allowed, with a couple of exceptions:

No piracy ... Do not talk, hint, or provide resources for anything illegal. We don't want government surveillance agencies crawling down our backs. Plus, you should always support the source of whatever it is you have. They worked hard on their stuff.

No adult content ... I understand GTA is a very adult-themed universe, however there are minors who use this forum and the discord server and so for the respect of morality (and legality), keep your weird fetish(s) and porn stash away from this forum (and the discord spam/botspam channel).

Other than that, troll and spam till your fingers fall off.


General Chat / Forum/Discord Rules
September 15, 2017, 03:03:59 AM
In order to keep the forum and discord friendly and fun, we have some basic rules:
  • Don't send illegal content or discuss piracy
  • No spam, except for in the forum spam section or discord #spam and #botspam channels
  • No shit-talking or insulting other members.
  • Use English in main forum sections and discord channels. For other languages, use the international sections and channels
  • Don't advertise other multiplayer mods.
  • Staff's word is final

Also, some information to keep in mind:
We do not allow discrimination on the basis of the following (but not limited to): race, color, religion, creed, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status. This list is subject to change without warning

If you want to post something and aren't sure if it violates any rules, please contact a member of the staff team before posting. Otherwise, use common sense.
Announcements / Welcome to GTA Connected!
September 12, 2017, 03:01:40 AM

Grand Theft Auto Connected

Welcome to GTA Connected, a custom scriptable multiplayer modification for multiple Grand Theft Auto games.

  • Works on GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA IV
  • Scripting in JavaScript, Lua, and Squirrel
  • Synced peds, and traffic, and missions
  • Play both offline and online
  • Dynamically growing/melting snow
  • Custom objects
  • Support for Windows XP and WINE
  • Module SDK for server
  • Lots more!
Announcements / Official Discord!
September 12, 2017, 02:28:58 AM

Join our discord server for some friendly conversation, music, and a few beer emoji.
We also offer scripting help and support.

  Click here to join!

Discord Staff
  • Owner Jack Powell
  • Manager Rhytz
  • Manager Vortrex
  • Developer Mex
  • Developer PerikiyoXD
  • Moderator Callum
  • Moderator Hellraiser

Discord Rules
  • Don't send illegal content or discuss piracy
  • Don't spam, except in #spam and #botspam
  • No shit-talking or insulting other members.
  • Use English in main chats. For other languages, use the international channels
  • Don't advertise other multiplayer mods
  • Discord staff's word is final