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Scripting Releases / [GTA3] A simple GUI skin selector
December 27, 2020, 03:07:52 PM">">

Made some simple skin selection for GTA3 with proper camera placement.

Use /selectskin to start the selection. Scroll with arrow left and right to your

desired skin and press spacebar to select the skin.

If you know a way that all special skins can be loaded at once, please let me

know. I couldn't find any documentations on how to enable them. They are

disabled in the script, since they cause crashes.

Hey there I am currently playing around with this MP since I want to try to get into Javascript... its fine so far, but I noticed that apart the sqllite module none other works  :? The server fails to load mysql and hashs and as you may can imagine especially hashs are very important  :lol:

And that brings me to my actual question... I would really like to get more into scripting and developing by maybe hetting explained how modules are being made  :D

Cheers and kind regards  ;)